Get Ready For The Oncoming Glut Of iOS Controllers


iOS 7 has gotten plenty of attention, mostly the tossing out of skeuomorphism, in favor of a new flat design, plus its numerous other bells and whistles. Except for one.

Apple's updated mobile OS also has brand new hooks in place for third party controller support. There's been a few on the market already, but the underlying frameworks (and therefore the controllers themselves), has never been stellar.

But all that is set to change, and it would appear that the GameCase is the first one out of the game. The first of many, one is willing to wager.

Destructoid was the first highlight the following, which is essentially a cradle for one's iPad that gives it physical buttons, a traditional game pad, and even two analogue sticks:

Overall, it doesn't look half bad. The design is very much similar to the Wikipad Gaming Tablet, which is basically an Android driven tab that has a similar docking mechanism.

The GameCase will be available for the iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S. even the iPhone 4S, and regular old iPhone 4. The manufacturer is also reaching out to developer, so they can have their peripheral supported in upcoming titles.

The last part seems a bit odd; the whole point behind iOS7's enhanced controller support SDK is to create a standardized interface that all manufacturers can embrace, so game makers don't have to do any special coding. Though too little info is available at the moment to do any hardcore speculation.