Finally, A Better Taste Of 'Metal Gear Solid V''s English Voice Acting


We've seen bits and pieces of the new "Metal Gear" for some time now, but mostly in Japanese. But at long last, Konami has released the opening to "Ground Zeroes", which serves as the prologue to "The Phantom Pain", the main portion of "Metal Gear Solid V", with English voice acting.

Again, the following should be familiar to most folks, but most "MGS" diehards should not mind another viewing:

Obviously the big news here is Kiefer Sutherland's presence, who replaces series regular David Hayter. And… his take on Big Boss is definitely different. Not necessarily better, and certainly not worse than Hayter, just different.

Meanwhile, Robin Atkin Downes is back as the voice of Kazuhira Miller, a role he's more or less perfected in "Peace Walker". And he sounds as great as last time.

Whereas whomever doing the voice of Skull Face is just as bad as the name of the new character. Alas, "MGS" has long been known for somewhat spotty voice work, so the tradition remains alive and well.