In 'Arkham Origins' For PS3 You Can Either Dress Like Adam West or That Guy Who Replaced Batman When He Had Back Problems


If own both a Xbox 360 and PS3, and plan on picking up "Batman: Arkham Origins", then you might want to consider the latter platform. What reason? It's where you'll receive two exclusive costumes that are perfect for fans of the Caped Crusader who also dig campy 60s television programming or that 90s comics cross overs.

The PlayStation Blog reveals that the PS3 version of the game will contain the Knightfall Pack, which contains 3 Combat Maps and 2 Predator Maps, which follows along the lines of the Knightfall story arc, which took places in the comics during the big early 90s boom.

Though the real star of the show are the aforementioned exclusive duds:

Basically, the arc introduced the world to Bane, who broke Batman's back. Also, Alfred quits, just like in "Dark Knight Rises" as well. But unlike the movie, Wayne gets a replacement to fill in while he's out of action, who dons the Knightfall attire. But he does a lousy job, forcing the real deal to get back into action.

How the Adam West attire from his 60s TV show fits into the picture is beyond me, but given all the retconning that takes place in the world of comics, there's perhaps something I'm just not aware of.