'Knock-Knock' Looks Like Quirky, Spooky Goodness


With their first trailer for the the oddball side scrolling horror game "Knock-Knock," developer Ice-Pick Lodge has packed in a bunch of mythology and mystery around the upcoming PC release. There's a whole backstory about receiving mysterious mails begging them to create a game based on the concept of blindly stumbling around in the dark, pursued by strangers and monsters, when all Ice-Pick Lodge really needs to do is sit someone in front of the trailer for "Knock-Knock" and they'll be interested.

From Ice-Pick Lodge's official description:

A wooden house stands in the forest. A single man lives there.

The house recieves visits from unusual guests that knock on the window inviting this strange hermit to join them in a game of hide-and-seek. To win, simply remain alive and maintain your sanity until sunrise. Approaching the Visitors head-on is a dangerous idea.

As soon as the first Visitor emerges from the forest, the countdown begins. Every passing hour brings them closer to the house, and the house's walls offer no sanctuary. Something is already inside. Something is opening the window and banging around in the kitchen. Something controls the cellar and attic. Floorboards creak softly deep in the bowels of the house.

The Visitors are well aware of your position, so you must make your rounds of the house and find the breaches that let the creatures inside while doing your best to mend them.

You may come across some useful items that might help your survival, but those items are always random and your inventory is limited to 5 slots, so your gear changes by night.

Survive until sunrise and the monsters disappear, but if they get you before the sun peeks over the horizon, well, just the idea is terrifying.

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