Choose Your Doom In This Interactive Trailer For Co-Op Slasher 'Hellraid'


At some point, something's probably going to kill you in this choose-your-path trailer for Techland's "Hellraid."

It's a clever gimmick, but needs a little work here: interactive "Hellraid" prequel trailer "Edyn's Escape" is set a week before the events of the upcoming game, placing you in the role of doomed monk Edyn as he attempts to avoid the forces of darkness and imminent death in a monastery full of monsters. Unfortunately, it feels like one of those choose your own adventure books where you didn't have any clues as to what was coming next, leading to frequent, frustrating deaths.

From the official synopsis of "Hellraid":

Hellraid is a video game that offers a single-player, story-driven campaign of hack & slash action and unique, competitive cooperation multiplayer that pits four players against the armies of hell – and each other – in a battle for points, rewards and fame.

"Hellraid" will be out later this year for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

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