Tommo And SEGA Announce Line of Classic Console-inspired iPhone Covers And Accessories


Ever wanted your iPhone to look like a SEGA Saturn? Or maybe you'd like some speakers in the shape of the glorious black and red Master System? Video game accessory maker Tommo--they're responsible for the NEOGEO X--and SEGA have teamed up to release a collection of iPhone accessories based on classic console designs.

The pair of companies announced the partnership this morning, under the SEGA Retro Tommo Mobile line. Tommo will create iPhone 5/5s covers based on the Master System, Genesis, and other SEGA consoles (Game Gear represent), along with headphones, external speakers, and battery chargers based around the same.

The line was created to honor the 25th anniversary of the SEGA Genesis, which was released in Japan in late October, 1988 (it wouldn't reach our shores until the following summer).

The Tommo Mobile line is set to be unveiled "in the coming months" according to the accessory maker, but in the meantime, you can check out the upcoming selection on their site.





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