Avian Adventure: ‘Aer’ Takes Flight in Gorgeous Proof-of-Concept Trailer

The brightest, happiest, breeziest game trailer of the day belongs to “Aer,” a sandbox game from Swedish indies Forgotten Key — and this is the kicker — about a girl who can turn into some sort of blue thrush.

This Animorph-style hook isn’t just wistful, whimsical, and imaginative — who hasn’t wanted to turn into a bird at some point? — it also opens up all sorts of neat gameplay opportunities: unrestricted, balletic kineticism is something games tend to be really, really good at.

All hail the New Retro: pixels are out and crinkled-paper polygons are in! At the very least, they seem to be in among the Swedish indie community: Stockholm-based Might & Delight used them to great effect in the mighty delightful “Shelter,” as do Forgotten Key in “Aer.” It creates a really neat effect, on display in this trailer:

Embedded from player.vimeo.com.