Avian Adventure: 'Aer' Takes Flight in Gorgeous Proof-of-Concept Trailer


The brightest, happiest, breeziest game trailer of the day belongs to "Aer," a sandbox game from Swedish indies Forgotten Key -- and this is the kicker -- about a girl who can turn into some sort of blue thrush.

This Animorph-style hook isn't just wistful, whimsical, and imaginative -- who hasn't wanted to turn into a bird at some point? -- it also opens up all sorts of neat gameplay opportunities: unrestricted, balletic kineticism is something games tend to be really, really good at.

All hail the New Retro: pixels are out and crinkled-paper polygons are in! At the very least, they seem to be in among the Swedish indie community: Stockholm-based Might & Delight used them to great effect in the mighty delightful "Shelter," as do Forgotten Key in "Aer." It creates a really neat effect, on display in this trailer:

The purple deer, the plucky lumberjack, the cel-shading, the ominously pyramid-headed menace -- everything about this trailer is great. I think my favorite touch is how the cloud puffs roil behind BirdGirl as she slaloms into open air.

For better or worse, this trailer is a work in progress, so the finalized game may look significantly different. This suggests that "Aer" is still pretty early in development, which also explains why gameplay details are so scant. Forgotten Key describe it as an adventure sandbox game, but there's not much else by way of specificity.

When and if more details come to light, I'll be sure to swoop down on them like some sort of polygonal bird of prey.

[Forgotten Key via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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