Turns Out, Console Games Look Great With The Oculus Rift As Well


We've seen plenty of examples as to why the Oculus Rift is seriously the next big step in video games. Yet, no matter how varied the demos, they've all had one single thread in common: they were all PC games.

Or at the very least, none of them hailed from consoles originally. Well, as it turns out, console games look pretty awesome with the VR headset as well.

The following was first spotted on Twitter yesterday, of the GameCube classic "F-Zero GX", retrofitted to work with the Oculus Rift. Meaning it has head tracking and everything:

Though the creator of the video didn't just hook the headset directly to his system; the game is running off of the GC emulator Dolphin. But still!

Now, one might say that whatever console game would need a certain degree of graphic fidelity for it to work. Which means only titles from the current gen, which were the first to go high def.

Obviously the example above kills that notion; so long as the game is in 3D, it should work. And as awesome as "F-Zero GX" is via the Rift, what it would really be awesome is "F-Zero X" from the Nintendo 64.