The Goron Tablet Cushion Is For Those Who Find Lying Down With A Tablet To Be Strenuous Somehow


Is the act of playing a game, or even watching a movie, on your iPad while lying down at all strenuous? After all, it's not easy, holding up that tablet… while also being on your back. You're arms can get tired and stuff.

Then say hello to the Goron, and say goodbye to $200 (and possibly extra, for shipping and handling).

The Tokyo Game Show is great for seeing out what's coming down the pipeline from Japanese game makers, but the real strength of TGS is how it showcases wacky game related inventions that we've all been beginning for, but just didn't know it.

And the Goron is this year's shining example. Described as a ”tablet cushion", it's basically a fancy pillow that will hold onto your tablet (or smart phone) for you. Better yet is how you can now comfortable lay on your side and still interact with whatever device, which has always been tricky.

The best part is how, according to various outlets, the clamp that can move around, which means games that require motion controls are still playable. You can see it action over at Destructoid.

The Goron retails for 19,800 yen (again, that's $200 US) and is available in green, orange, and red. Admit it, you totally want one.