Time To See What Taiwan's CGI Driven News Bureau Has To Say About SteamOS


Yesterday we detailed Valve's upcoming standalone OS that has been engineered to exclusively support their Steam digital distribution platform, and which will theoretically lessen their reliance on other ecosystems.

Naturally, the announcement made headlines elsewhere, across the globe in fact. Like in Taiwan, home of Next Media Animation, a new bureau that synthesizes the news in the of quickly (and cheaply) produced animated vignettes. And here's their take on the situation.

As expected, they try their best to cram in as many jokes as possible in just over a minute:

The beauty of Next Media Animation is their ability to illustrate imagery that we are all thinking of. I don't know about your, but upon first hearing about SteamOS, the first though that popped up was some woman lighting a pile of Ouyas on fire.

It's like they can read people's minds or something.

Also, it's nice to know that an organization whose beat is hardly video games usually is still eager to know if we'll ever get "Half Life 3" like some seasoned gamer. Guess it truly is a question that everyone has been asking.