'Dead Rising 3' Co-Op Allows You To Share Story Progression


In a look at the updated co-op in "Dead Rising 3," Polygon had a chance to see how the new story campaign would allow partners to progress through the game in a non-linear fashion (if they so choose).

The Xbox One exclusive, which substitutes Chuck and Frank for new protagonist Nick, puts the second player in the role of Dick, an identical trucker to help out with the zombie slaying in "Dead Rising 3," according to Polygon. And whatever chapters you complete during the game's cooperative mode will be carried back to your own campaign. In the example cited in Polygon's piece, even if you've only completed chapter 2 of the story in your own campaign, completing chapter 5 in a friend's campaign will allow you to progress to six in your own game. Alternately, if you'd like to avoid further spoilers, you can continue playing from chapter 2 onward and, if you prefer, skip chapter 5 when you reach it.

"Dead Rising 3" is being developed by Capcom Vancouver and will launch with the Xbox One on November 22nd.

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