French Paper Cites €20 Million Price Tag For 'Beyond: Two Souls'


In a feature piece about developer Quantic Dream, French journal Le Figaro has tagged their PS3 mocap supernatural thriller with a €20 million ($27 million) price tag, giving the game the budget of a modestly expensive indie film.

The ambitious "Beyond: Two Souls" features leads Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe in extensively motion captured roles as we follow the story of Jodie, a young girl (and later young woman) played by Page both aided and plagued by a mysterious, invisible entity. With "Beyond," Paris-based Quantic Dream has tried to refine the branching storytelling system they developed in "Heavy Rain," removing fail states while increasing the interactivity of the time-hopping narrative which takes places at various crucial junctures in Jodie's life.

Contrast this with the $115 million dollar cost to develop "GTA V," and "Beyond" and you get a sense of big budget and massive budgets for AAA game development.

One point of focus for Quantic Dream was making each of the animations feel unique, requiring that the studio develop and capture multiple dynamic interactions with objects, meaning that (theoretically) if you play "Beyond: Two Souls" multiple times, Jodie's movement across the game's terrain will look subtly and dramatically different each time.

"Beyond: Two Souls" will be available on toe PS3 October 8th, with a demo hitting PSN on October 1st. Quantic Dream is currently developing their next project which may involve multiplayer as the developer makes the leap to the next generation.

[Source: Le Figaro]

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