You Can Share Xbox One DVR Clips At Launch, Just Not To YouTube or Facebook


Social functionality has been one of the key selling points of the next generation of consoles: Sony and Microsoft have spent a great deal of time touting how gamers will be able to share their experiences with other gamers through streaming and clips. Well the Xbox One vision for social gaming may held up just a little bit as Microsoft explains that clip sharing will only be available via Xbox LIVE at launch with other social networks to follow next year, according to a piece in Destructoid.

In Destructoid's look at the revamped UI for the Xbox One, Destructoid spoke with Microsoft senior director of product planning and management Albert Penello, who said that sharing to sites like YouTube and Facebook wouldn't be available until sometime in 2014.

One of the cooler features of the Xbox One for those who like to share their gaming experiences is that the console buffers the last 30 seconds of gameplay and will allow players to use Kinect voice commands to begin recording 720p clips at 30fps. These clips can then be edited and uploaded to Xbox LIVE (for now), presumably to be shared and rated by other LIVE users. Sharing clips will also require a Gold LIVE account.

The Xbox One will be available on November 22nd for $499.99.

[Source: Destructoid via Game Politics]

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