Mac and Linux Versions of 'Rogue Legacy' Coming Soon, Says Dev

Rogue Legacy

"Rogue Legacy," Cellar Door Games' procedurally-generated roguelike-meets-Punnett-square platformer became the surprise indie hit of the summer and the quirky, colorful figurehead atop a general resurgence in the genre. There's only one problem, though -- "Rogue Legacy" was announced for PC, Mac, and Linux.

The PC version was released back in July, but the other versions are nowhere to be found.

Speaking with Joystiq, Cellar Door co-founder Teddy Lee explained the its Mac and Linux offerings are "very close" to finish. The Max and Linux ports were outsourced, apparently, which is causing some of the delay. To make things matters more complicated, Cellar Door are still patching "Rogue Legacy."

"We're still working on another patch for 'Rogue Legacy.' It hit a few snags, but we really want to get some extra content out for those people who are interested," Lee said. The new patch will be "pretty big" and address some stability issues and add content to the game, according to a recent blog post from Cellar Door.

If the Lee brothers behind Cellar Door decide to include the latest patch in the Mac and Linux versions of "Rogue Legacy," they could be even further delayed.

And that's too bad for Mac and Linux owners: "Rogue Legacy" is, by our account at least, very good. "The art and charm of 'Rogue Legacy' go above and beyond," reads our review. "Tight controls, an interesting RPG gimmick, and fun factor are well worth the time (and money) spent."

Other people think so, too, apparently. "We're pretty sure word of mouth about our game has been one of the biggest reasons that it's been selling as well as it has," Lee told Joystiq. "It's actually done well enough that we can start up our next project without worrying about finances so much, which is pretty amazing!"

In other "Rogue Legacy" news, Cellar Door have also announced the game for PlayStation 4 and Vita.

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