No Surprises Here: "Grand Theft Auto IV" Looks Great in 4K

Grand Theft Auto IV

Now that the breathless adoration for "Grand Theft Auto V" has started to die down, do take a second to peruse this Flickr set of "Grand Theft Auto IV" (yes, IV) screenshots taken in 4K.

The technical details escape me, but Raphael Smith purports to have taken 40-odd screenshots of "GTA IV" in 4K, a relatively new HD resolution. Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will support the new resolution, but it will be up to developers and other content creators to start making games in 4K. That, presumably, won't start happening until Ultra HD televisions sets become more widespread.

Until then, we'll need to settle for Smith's screens from the PC version of the game. His "GTA IV" shots are mostly landscapes and vehicles, but they're well-framed and impossibly shiny and detailed. If nothing else, they're great examples of digital photography -- the fact that Liberty City isn't real doesn't make the lighting and composition any less dramatic or striking.

In fact, Smith has several sets in 4K, including "Crysis," "Star Citizen," and "Aliens vs. Predator," and dozens more in more quotidian resolutions. If there's a game you enjoyed, Smith's work is a great way to experience it again in a new light.

And if you want to go head-first down the videogame photograph rabbit hole, there's also Dead End Thrills, a site dedicated to beautiful, hi-res screenshots.

[Flikr via @jasonkill]

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