Legendary Nintendo Musician Pays Tribute To His Dearly Departed Boss By Doing What He Does Best


The above is from Giant Robot's Instagram feed, a button created for a recent Game Night event.

The passing of former Nintendo head honcho Hiroshi Yamauchi last week sent shockwaves throughout the entire video game industry, which will more than likely continue to be felt for quite some time.

Though one must imagine that those who working alongside him are feeling it the most. So it's not surprising to hear that one former Nintendo employee has decided to pay tribute to his former boss via song. Songs to exact. Remixes actually.

Polygon reports that the musician in question is Hirokazu Tanaka, who goes by the name Hip Tanaka (and most recently Chip Tanaka. Tanaka is responsible for some of Nintendo's most iconic soundtracks, including "Metroid", "Kid Icarus", "Tetris", and "Super Mario Land", to name a few.

And over at his SoundCloud, decided to post remixes from the first and last aforementioned games. Please take a listen; they're something special:

One gets the feeling that this is just the tip of the iceberg, of many such tributes to come.