Time For The Obligatory 'Grand Theft Auto 5' Review By Conan O'Brien


You've heard what we've had to say about this week's big release, and a couple of others for good measure. But what about Conan O'Brien, the self-professed Clueless Gamer? Guess it's time to see how well he fares with "GTA V".

The following is a bit NSFW, but given that it's the weekend, who cares right?

More than anything else, it would seem that the improved driving engine still doesn't mean squat in Conan's less than capable hands. Though he also demonstrates that the real fun of "Grant Theft Auto" isn't following along the predetermined narrative but making your own.

Which in this case is acting like a total idiot at strip clubs and then extracting revenge afterwards. Also, perhaps it speaks of my unfamiliarity with them in the real world, but the idea of a strip club bouncer having grenades on him doesn't sound all that far-fetched.