'State of Decay' Infects Steam's Early Access Program Today


Developer Undead Labs announced that their zombie survival/strategy game is now available today in beta.

"State of Decay," released back in June for the 360, is coming to the PC with controller-only support as Undead Labs builds up keyboard and mouse controls based on user feedback during the Early Access period. For the time being, the $20 release (what you'd pay for the 360 version) only supports the Xbox 360 controller and potentially third-party gamepads (although the developer cautions early adopters that they haven't yet tested other models.

Here's what to expect with the Early Access version, according to Undead Labs:

What you’ll see this Friday, if you choose to join forces with us to make the PC version kick ass, is a test version. It’s not ready to be reviewed. It will not be perfect. It may still have crashes.

In "State of Decay," you play as one of several survivors of a zombie plague, first locating other survivors and ultimately building outposts where you can train and thrive against the horde.

[Source: Gamespot]

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