The Man Behind ‘Gran Turismo’ Is Getting His Own Documentary

Every gamer, whether he or she is the hardcore or strictly casual type, is well aware of the impact that “Gran Turismo” has had on Sony’s PlayStation brand. It’s also a fairly big deal when it comes to the world of games as a whole; “GT” is more or less the only name in town when it comes to all encompassing and super realistic racing sims.

Nevertheless, we might still be missing the whole picture. And who better to ask than people involved in the real thing, as in actual racing folk? Turns out, they think it’s a pretty big deal too.

Or to be more exact, they believe Kazunori Yamauchi, the primary force behind “Gran Turismo”, to be a pretty big deal. And given that his baby is celebrating its 15-year anniversary, Sony decided to whip up a documentary dedicated to Kaz. Here’s the trailer:

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