It's Official: Sony Will Allow PS3 Games To Be Played On The PS4 Via Gaikai


In addition to revealing how upcoming PS3 games will be upgraded to their PS4 equivalents, Sony has also addressed how one will be able to play older games on the brand new system as well.

Many assumed that the Gaikai streaming tech that they bought in 2012 would help make it happen, but no official announcement had been made. Until now that is, courtesy of Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida at a TGS roundtable the other day.

Unfortunately, other than the thumbs up that was delivered by IGN, there's not a whole lot to chew on. Though we at least know that a selection of games will be available at launch, which will grow over time.

These older games… which will encompass PSone, PS2, and PS3 titles, according to past announcements pertaining to the PS4's backwards capability… will be playable on the PS4, PSVita, and the recently revealed (but Japan only) Vita TV.

Yoshida casually compared the upcoming initiative to Neflix, which seems to possibly indicate that customers will have access to a plethora of whatever is available for streaming, as opposed to having access to specific titles that one already owns. Which might be trickier than one would think, and as evidenced by the PS3 to PS4 upgrade path, which requires the need for special codes.

But that's fine and dandy for physical games; what if you paid for a digital version? Folks who purchased Virtual Consoles for the Wii were not happy to hear of the update fee that was necessary to have same said offerings play natively on the Wii U.

And while it's not the same thing, one can see PS3 users being slightly miffed about perceived double dipping by having to pay yet another fee to play the same game twice. Then again, paying a single fee to play whatever is available, which should theoretically be greater than one's personal digital library to begin with, should hopefully offset any ill feelings.