Android Users: Do Not Install The 'Grand Theft Auto: iFruit' App


Alongside the launch of "GTA V", Rockstar released a companion iOS app called iFruit, which allows one to customize in-game vehicles and take care of Franklin's best friend, among other things.

Well, those with Android phones who wish to partake in mindless frivolities will have to wait for Rockstar to port the app themselves, and it's hard to say when that might happen.

Though one thing is for certain: no matter what, do not download and install the iFruits app that currently resides on the Google Play store, because it's a down and dirty, no good for nothing fake.

One that, according to Destructoid, is nothing more than malware in disguise. They refuse to download the app in question, to see for themselves (can't blame them), though all the negative reviews is evidence enough that something is fishy.

Many people who download Android apps are perhaps smart enough to check feedback first, since Google's Play marketplace is somewhat of the wild west, when compared to Apple's squeaky clean (sometimes to a fault) App Store, but we figure better safe than sorry.

Hopefully Rockstar will have the faker pulled and replace it with the real thing soon enough.