'Crimson Dragon' Is Actually Coming Out, And Will Also Be Fairly Affordable


For the six or seven of you who still claim the "Panzer Dragoon" series as the best games ever (and it honestly is), and who have also been patiently awaiting word on its spiritual successor, some good news.

"Crimson Dragon" is finally coming out, for the Xbox One once again (it was originally scheduled to showcase the Kinect on the Xbox 360, until circumstances that are still not quite clear necessitated a change in platform), and day one.

That means November 22nd is when it finally soars into everyone's living rooms.

There's also a new trailer:

Microsoft also states that when it does arrive, it'll be for just $19.99, which is not a bad deal. Given that most downloadable games are that price point, it’s perhaps no big deal.

Though when considers how much "Panzer Dragoon" games cost these days (just do an eBay search for "Panzer Dragoon Saga", I'll wait), the low cost of entry is indeed appreciated.

Also, those who purchases and plays the game before December 31 will also receive an exclusive dragon of some kind. The easy money is on the Blue Dragon, from the aforementioned games.