'Yakuza Ishin', Which You May Never Play, In Action


As previously noted, "Yakuza" is going back in time, back when gangsters carried around swords, not guns.

And everyone's first look at the game that takes place in historical Japan is brought to you by modern day Japan, courtesy of Tokyo Game Show to be exact.

Kotaku doesn't believe it'll make it out to the States, given that the first "Yakuza" to dip its blood soaked attire in historical waters didn't either. Which is a real shame because "Yakuza Ishin" looks mighty impressive:

Also, as it turns out, and as also hoped, the Japanese tough guys depicted in "Ishin" carry both swords and guns:

Thankfully, the PS3 has no region restrictions, meaning anyone can still pick up and play the game if they want to. Though the language and cultural barrier seems awfully high, which is a real shame, because the mini games seem awfully fun.