'SoulCalibur: Lost Swords' Has A New Trailer, 'Tekken Revolution' Boasts Strong Numbers


At a pre-TGS event, Namco Bandai revealed the first trailer for their upcoming free-to-play version of "SoulCalibur".

For the most part, the game looks largely the same as the most recent, previous entries in the series, which is either good or bad, depending one's point of view. Though there are two notable stand outs.

First, it features Sophitia, who was killed off between parts 4 and 5; "Lost Swords" serves as her grand return. Also, note how colorful all the weapons are as they are being swung, more so than normal:

One has to assume that the weapons are what players will be putting money down for the most, alongside wacky outfits. Joystiq also notes that it's running off the "SoulCalibur 5" engine, but is ultimately a different game. The game's producer, Masaaki Hoshino, states:

"The game system itself is quite different, it's been more streamlined and simplified so that people can more easily perform flashy, over-the-top maneuvers."

In related news, Joystiq also reports that Namco Bandia's other free-to-player fighter, "Tekken Revolution", is doing quite well, thank you very much.

According to its producer, and the guy most responsible for "Tekken" in general, Katsuhiro Harada, there have been 2 million downloads in just the past 3 months. He also notes:

"The Tekken franchise has told 42.5 million copies worldwide to date – making it the top in the genre – and 20 million of those or more have come from Europe."

So apparently, Europeans are fans of both socialized medicine and Heihachi Mishima. Who’d have thunk?