How 'Grand Theft Auto' Almost Never Came To Be


GTA V isn't just the biggest game at the moment, it also happens to be the latest iteration of what might be the most important hallmark for the medium in the past fifteen plus years.

And as is often the case for anything that's truly ground breaking and game changing, it almost never came to be. You hear that often in movies, books, and music, but the same can indeed be said for Grand Theft Auto.

The Guardian has produced a video that details the very rocky road that led to the very first Grand Theft Auto, all the way back in 1997. It's a must watch, and not just for diehard fans of GTA but those who appreciate video game history in general:

Turns out, working on the game that will help to revolutionize the world of video games was no party. At a certain point during the entire four-year production cycle, GTA was at risk of being cancelled virtually every single week.

Before they were Rockstar North, the developers were called DMA Design, and the Scottish based game makers had to plead their case to the US publishers, to prevent the plug being pulled.

Making matters worse is how the game itself was also rife with internal struggles, with writers and level designers constantly clashing as well To complicate things even more so is how virtually everyone, save one person, had never worked on a game before.

Now, you also hear similar behind the scenes drama with other great works of art, but producer and creative director Gary Penn states the simple truth: Anarchic almost makes it sound sexier than it really ought to be. It was just messy."