It's The Entire NES Catalogue, In The Form Of A Nebula (That You Can Hang On Your Wall)


Are you interested in the history of the Nintendo Entertainment System? Specifically, what games came out and when. There's Wikipedia for that, but isn't there something a tad bit prettier? So much so that it's suitable for framing?

Well, now there is, thanks to Pop Chart Lab's The Nebula of NES Games.

Pop Chart Lab's latest piece presents over 700 games, released between 1984 and 1993, and in an extremely eye pleasing fashion. At the center of the nebula is the very first Super Mario Bros, and at the very end is… well, you'll have to see for yourself.

According to Joystiq, the piece is 24 x 36 and standalone version is just $32, along with pricier price points for fancier versions. The Nebula of NES Games starts shipping this Friday, September 20.