What Others Are Saying About 'Grand Theft Auto 5'


Hey, have you heard; "GTA V" finally came out! And if people aren't playing the game, they're at least talking about it. Not just the about the game itself, but the reviews as well.

Pretty much every news site and blog has provided their two cents, including ourselves, naturally. And while we honestly believe that our word is all you really need, it doesn't hurt to check out some of the other opinions floating about.

First, it's always good hearing what a non-gaming specific site has to say. One that delivers news of all kind, to be exact. Like CNN, Fox News, and The Onion. And the latter's appraisal of Rockstar's latest and greatest… courtesy of Kevin Mitchell, a Dayton, OH native… is nice and to the point:

"The narrative is dynamic and multilayered, the characterizations are brilliantly assured, and the vast open-world experience creates a style of play that is both revolutionary in design and intellectually stimulating,” Mitchell told reporters, moments before making his in-game character block traffic with a bus to create a 10-car pileup in the middle of the street, toss grenades at unsuspecting pedestrians while standing on top of an ambulance, and jump off a building into the spinning blades of a helicopter.

Meanwhile, CollegeHumor in their review states that it's so realistic that it's boring:

And sorry, hate to spoil the joke, but the game above is not actually "Grand Theft Auto V." It's "Heavy Rain 2!"