Evo 2014 Is Indeed Happening, And Now We Know When Exactly


For all you fighting game fans out there who have been eagerly awaiting word of when the next Evo Championship Series is happening, time to fire up one's preferred app or website for booking flights and reserving hotel accommodations.

The date for Evo 2013 has finally been revealed: July 11-13. And the place? Where its been for a little while now: Las Vegas.

Though the following announcement trailer has one extra bit of info:

The top comment on YouTube at the moment pretty much says it all:

"Melee on xbox? Can't wait"


Not surprisingly, quite a few have already jumped to conclusions. Said individuals believe that Evo's organizers have "sold out" to Microsoft and that it'll be as a showcase for "Killer Instinct" for the Xbox One. Though the official blog post on the matter, over at Shoryuken has the real story:

"… The tournament this year will be on XBOX 360! This does not mean that titles that don’t have a 360 port will be excluded from the running of getting into Evo. Every game that is up for consideration for this year’s event will not be singled out if they do not have a 360 port, the event is not exclusive to XBOX 360."

Basically, there's a good chance that "Super Smash Bros Melee" will return. Though the idea of the game being ported and played on the One is pretty neat, some to think of it.