It's Official, Sega Will Soon Own Atlus


Not long ago, it was reported that Index Corporation, parent company of Atlus, was not doing so well financially. So much so that they were thinking of selling their video game making division, one that is responsible for "Shin Megami Tensei," "Persona," "Dragon's Crown," and countless other properties.

One of the interested parties was Sega, which offered 20 billion yen. Well, the deal is done; Sega will soon be the Atlus's new owner officially. And the final sale price? 14 billion yen. According to various sources, the transaction will be finalized in November.

Diehard Atlus fans who have chimed in thus far are more than a little weary of this newfound business relationship, unfortunately. Said concern is mostly due to the fact that Sega's business acumen leaves a lot to be desired. Atlus is a developer and publisher that produces distinctly Eastern titles, yet have been extremely successful in finding said games an audience in the West.

Many of the decisions that Atlus makes, whether they be creative or business related, are oozing with risk. Along with wit and spunk, which might explain why their gambles often pay off. Meanwhile, Sega is both a developer and publisher of fairly well known Eastern properties that theoretically should perform well in the West, or at least used to, but rarely do for whatever reason.

Most longtime Sega devotees have long given up on the company, which is now a shell of its former self, ever since the plug was pulled on the Dreamcast. They often make decisions that are often flat out infuriating, like their refusal to publish "Valkyria Chronicles 3" in the West (despite a very vocal demand). Sega is also unable to deliver on the very basics. Their inability to produce a nice and simple Sonic game is old news, whereas their inability to ship "Phantasy Star Online 2" in the West is a relatively new blemish.

All of a sudden, the future of "Persona 5" is in danger. Mostly due to the very real possibility that it may turn into a free to play social game for Android. Fingers crossed for the best for Atlus moving forward.