How The Xbox 360 And PS3 Versions of 'Grand Theft Auto 5' Compare Against Each Other


So it's the day that we've all been waiting for: "GTA V" is finally here. But many have yet to pick up a copy. Why? Because, for those who have both a Xbox 360 and PS3, they don't know which version to get. And it's a fair question, but one that's tricky to tackle.

Still, there are two basic criteria that can help answer the question. First: online play. On one hand, the 360 has traditionally had a more thriving online community for games, but with the rise in popularity of PlayStation Plus, that's slowly changing.

Whereas the second criteria is, naturally, graphics. Many will recall the PS3 edition of GTA IV not looking so hot, when compared to the 360's. But that was years ago, when the PS3 versions were generally inferior to the 360 equivalents. Much has changed since; even Rockstar's subsequent multiplatform releases are indicative of this.

Which is why we must refer to Eurogamer, who put both versions through their paces and compared them, side by side. And the end result? See for yourself:

Can you tell the difference? Yeah… it's hard to tell. But they do exist, according to Eurogamer. Their detailed analysis does a great job of breaking it all down, at least for graphic fetishists, who care about frame-by-frame performance.

As for the rest of us, basically, long story short: the frame rate is slightly better on the 360, with the key word being slightly, plus it sports better shadows and reflections. But the PS3 has better ground textures, which is a difference that is actually discernible. At least more so than the 360's trump cards.

In the end, Eurogamer recommends the PS3 version, but by the slightest of margins. Though, more importantly, it's not the technical mess that many were expecting, from "Grand Theft Auto IV." Still many will be waiting to make their purchase. For the PC version, of course.