Let's Watch 974 'Super Mario Bros' Time Trials All At Once


A special Super Mario Bros Time Trial level by Stabyourself.net (best known for that game that combines Super Mario and Portal) was created for Gamescom 2013 attendees. One that was played over 1,000 times, and Stabyourself.net recorded each and every attempt. And which was also combined into a single video.

Actually, the following, which Game Informer picked up on first, only has the top 974 attempts. According to the original blog post:

"We would’ve had more, but at some point getting the high score became really serious business so there was probably about 1000 game resets after the first 3 jumps didn’t work out.

You should watch it in 1080p for a crisp overview of the action… We [also] spared you the thunderous sounds of jumping."

And according to the YouTube description, the best run is 41:32. Also:

"There was a 3 second penalty for dying which explains all the frozen Marios."

Still, there is no explanation as to why so many people managed to fall into the pit in the beginning. You'd think those folks had never played the game before.

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