Volition Offering Up Free 'GTA V,' Um, 'GAT V' DLC Today


Planning on picking up "GTA V" today? Well "Saint's Row IV" developer has some DLC for you!*

(*For their game, "Saints Row IV," clearly.)

So you turn on Steam this morning, all ready to download "GTA V" and realize, "Oh yeah, it's only on consoles." And that's when developer Volition swoop in to remind you that their goofy open world action game "Saint's Row IV" is still available... Teasing you... Offering a bunch of things to get blowed up good with the addition of superpowers.

I joke (a little), but this is a nice bit of counterprogramming on publisher Deep Silver's part, offering this Johnny Gat-centric DLC for free today on Steam (it's normally $2.99). "Gat V." "GTA V." You see what they did there.

I wonder what the deal will be with any expansions for IV. What story DLC for "Saint's Row IV" will look like is anyone's guess, but given the nature of the campaign and the way it upsets the world (literally), Volition has a challenge in front of them if they're looking to up the ante with any additional missions (that's if they even plan to support the game with story DLC).

[Source: Kotaku]

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