It All Goes Boom In This 'Battlefield 4' Multiplayer Trailer


Arguably the greatest virtue of the "Battlefield" series of games is the full-scale mayhem of the multiplayer, allowing the open maps of each title to become a collision of ordinance, out of control vehicles, and destruction.

Here's hoping EA and developer DICE can up the ante on this front with the upcoming "Battlefield 4," whose updated multiplayer is detailed in the game's latest trailer.

"Battlefield 4" will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on October 29th, with an exclusive beta kicking off on October 1st for players who prordered the shooter, and October 4th for everyone else on current gen consoles and the PC. And according to Digital Times, we can expect the PS4 version of the game on November 12 while the Xbox One port will be available on November 19--both launching before their respective consoles.

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