'Grand Theft Auto V' Is Being Played By Some, Ahead Of Schedule


One of the most eagerly anticipated games of not just this year, but in recent memory period, arrives tomorrow. Though not surprisingly, some copies are already out in the wild.

The street date for "Grand Theft Auto V" has officially been broken, as evidenced by all the Tweets and Instagram pics from those who are very much delighted by their good fortune.

Now, this happens with virtually every big release, to the point that it's practically a non-news story. But instead of it being some mom and pop game shops wanting to make some easy money, as is often the case, GameIndustry reports that Amazon is one of the guilty parties.

Rockstar, needless to say, is not pleased. They've worked very hard to control the flow of information and all that might be for naught, especially since other retailers may now be tempted to pull the trigger ahead of time as well.

Still, Rockstar has issued a very short and succinct statement about the matter:

"We are in the process of investigating early 'sales' to determine how and why that is occurring."

As for how Amazon could make such a brazen mistake, one might guess that they simply miscalculated the time it would take for US Postal or UPS to deliver pre-ordered copies to customers. At any rate, many are quite happy with the mess up, like this 11 year old boy, who is all the rage on Reddit and NeoGAF:

And yes, he's way too young to play a game like GTA, according to the ESRB. Perhaps his parents feel that their son is mature enough, though his uncontrollable weeping doesn't really support such a statement.