'Harvest Moon: A New Beginning' Trailer Harkens Back To The Good Old Days Of Goofy Game Commercials


For all you thirty year olds out there: don't you miss the good old days of video game advertisements? Back when ads were all goofy and lighthearted, and not all dark and dreary?

Sure some of the potty jokes or examples of "extreme" behavior were embarrassingly cheesy and clearly desperate, even back when you were a teen. But many of us would gladly have some of that nowadays, instead of the dripping with pathos reminders of how grim life can be that seems to embody every contemporary game ad.

Also, silly sight gags trump over million-dollar CGI any day. Anyhow, if you're the aforementioned camp, then please check out this Harvest Moon: A New Beginning commercial:

Because sometimes, seeing a girl getting hit with cow feces is enough to make you consider picking up a video game. Also, British humor.