Indie Horror Title "Montague's Mount" Lets You Explore the Emerald Isle Next Month

Montague's Mount

Polypusher Studios -- a one-man outfit from Ireland -- is set to release is first-person exploration horror game, "Montague's Mount," early next month.

"Montague's Mount" is the work of one Matt Clifton, a developer based on County Donegal in northern Ireland (but not Northern Ireland), presumably taking advantage of his country's relatively new financial incentives.

In the game, an amnesiac washes up on shore half-drowned and must explore a desolate Irish island in hopes of escaping. Judging by the 11-minute walkthrough and developer commentary, "Montague's Mount" is a gloomy, evocative romp through rocky Irish glens and stone cottages.

From the game's website:

The secrets of the island must be uncovered if you are ever going to find a way off. Where is everyone; is the island really uninhabited; what is lurking within the isolated caves; and what is that building on top of Montague’s Mount?

Think of it as an Irish response to "Gone Home": a first-person adventure game that hinges on a strong sense of place and culture (but with more puzzle solving and stronger horror). To make that point absolutely clear, Clifton wrote much of the in-game next in Irish, with English subtitles.

Not incidentally, County Donegal -- where Polypusher is headquartered -- is one of the last bastions of Irish, a language that's becoming more and more rare. If you've got some time on your hands and are interested in the linguistic politics of Ireland, Manchán Magan's No Béarla documentary is a good place to start.

Back to "Montague's Mount," though: interestingly, it comes with Oculus Rift support. "I first heard about the Oculus Rift during the early development of 'Montague's Mount,'" says Clifton in a press release. "It was immediately clear that this was perfect for my game with its focus on exploration and suspense."

Mastertronic Games is publishing the title for Windows, Mac, and Linux, on GamersGate, Good Old Games, and Get Games, while a Greenlight campaign is under way to push "Montague's Mount" to Steam. The game will be out October 9.

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