Keiji Inafune On His Past With 'Mega Man,' And His Future With 'Mighty No. 9'


Keiji Inafune, the man who gave the world "Mega Man," and who also hopes to give everyone "Mighty No. 9," recently spoke with Kotaku about past accomplishments and future goals.

Naturally, his most famous creation comes up, a lot. The recap even kicks off with him answering who would win in a fight, though quite a few other things are touched upon alongside.

Like, why he's doing a Mega Man-esque game in the first place, despite the fact that, in the past, he's complained about not being able to do different things. Isn't that why he left Capcom in the first place?

“When talking to fans that I’ve met at events, they constantly mention the titles that I had developed in the past at Capcom, from Dead Rising, to Onimusha, to Mega Man. Some of them say, “Hey, I really enjoyed the Mega Man games, it’s too bad there’s not anything like that right now.” Of course, I’m like, “That’s certainly something that’s in my wheelhouse. That’s something that I know how to do.”

Basically, Infaune simply wants to make what people want to play. And if it's something like Mega Man, so be it:

“For me, my basic concept is, whether I’m making an new original game, whether I’m making a classic-style game, whether I’m making a mobile game, whatever, I want to make something that I think the fans want to play. Obviously, when there’s this many people out there saying, “This is what I want. This is what I want. This is what I want,” then, obviously, I would love to listen to that as a creator.”

As for how "Mighty No. 9" will different from Mega Man, it's all about his experience, as a game creator and simply a person:

“People are a collection of their experiences in their life. When I originally made Mega Man/Rockman, I was in my early 20s. What doesn’t someone in their early 20s know versus somebody who is in their 50s? Obviously, you have a wide variety of different perspectives and ideas and feelings through all those years of living life.”

And, as for the bit about who would win in a fight, old vs. new:

“Unfortunately, Mega Man is an older robot and uses the older parts. A little bit too old school. I don’t know if he would be able to compete with the newer, shinier version of Beck.”

The whole interview is definitely worth a read, and not just if you're way into Mega Man. More than anything else, it's simply another perfect example of how Kickstarter is shaking up the status quo.