How Wind Waker For The GameCube Compares With Wind Waker HD For The Wii U


The "Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker" has always been a class of its own, and in many different ways, as noted yesterday. So when word first came of a HD remake, the reaction was not as jubilant as one might have expected.

After-all, the original's aesthetics is still very impressive; what is there to improve? And while some hardcore fans are not happy with the remake's visual direction, many others are simply unable to detect any differences.

So, what are the differences between the original version and the revamped version anyway? That's exactly what GameXplain decided to find out.

The following is a head to head comparison, with Wind Waker HD to the left and Wind Waker GC to the right. And upon closer examination, the differences are practically night and day:

The key differentiation is in the backgrounds. Whereas Link and everyone else all largely look the same, the environments are no longer as flat, and instead appear closer to something you'd find in claymation. Much of this is attributed to the enhanced (and vastly different) lighting and more realistic shadows.

The end result is something doesn't look nearly as cartoony as it once did, which to some, defeats the purpose of the original art style. It's definitely pretty, but is it better than before? Not necessarily.

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