Blood Alloy Is A Game Worth Kickstarting


Some questions: do you like Metroid? Do you like Castlevaina? Basically, do you like Metroidvania-type games? Also Dark Souls and Vanquish also? Well, then you might be interested in Blood Alloy.

It's by Suppressive Fire Games, which is actually just one person: Frank Washburn. Washburn hails from Harmonix, and after about five years spent at the house that Guitar Hero and Rock Band built, and also after beating Hotline Miami, an idea for a game began to form:

Here are some additional bits of info about the game itself:

"You play as a young female amnesiac who, thanks to a software malfunction, regains consciousness in a high-tech laboratory. Upon discovering that your body is now almost wholly cybernetic, you break out of your stasis pod to escape, discover the secrets behind your identity, and wreck havoc upon your enemies.

Explore a world teetering on the brink of apocalypse. Upgrade your cybernetic body with power-ups, including those you literally rip from the smoking remains of your foes. Amass a growing arsenal of diverse weaponry, each with unique tactical uses. And as you explore the catacombs, skyways, and streets of a dystopian future you'll change the very destiny of humanity itself."

Washburn is asking for $50,000 to help realize the final product, and has naturally set up a Kickstarter to facilitate the process. There you will find where the money will be going towards, which is mostly all the contract help that he will need, as well the game's planned features, like how it will utilize "'environmental storytelling' - giving each area and room a real, concrete sense of place and function within the game's universe."

As for what platforms Blood Alloy is for, expect Windows, Mac, and Ouya versions. What about smart phones? Nope, "unless they somehow release a phone with amazing dual thumbsticks in the near future."