Cortana Has A New Job As Windows Phone 8.1's Answer To Siri


For some time now, iPhone users have had Siri to help use their mobile device with just voice commands (though the end result is often mixed at best).

And Microsoft, looking to do whatever they can to help make their Windows Phone platform competitive with Apple's iOS, wants a personal, virtual assistant of their own.

But instead of creating one from the ground up, they're borrowing one from a friend of their's: Master Chief. Somewhat.

According to The Verge, citing a ZDNet report, the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update will have a Siri-like component that is currently codenamed Cortana. You know, from Halo.

It is noted that the current version of Windows Phone allows for basic voice commands already, but Cortana will learn from and adapt with the person she's supposed to aide. Much like she did for Master Chief in Halos 1-4.

No word yet on whether the final version of MS's personal assistant will indeed retain the Cortana, or if it's just Windows Phone programmers having a bit of fun.

Though it would be a bit foolish for MS to not cash in on Halo's success in this instance. Especially, at this point, in which any trick to entice users to their flailing mobile platform is one worth exploring.