Princes Peach Had Made The Cut, Will Be In Next 'Super Smash Bros.' For Wii U And 3DS


Nintendo has revealed the latest challenger to be confirmed for the next Super Smash Bros, coming to both the Wii U and 3DS. And it's Mario's gal pal, Princess Peach herself.

Though, as she often does every once in a while, she's doing away with the whole damsel in distress shtick in this instance, to show that she can take care of herself when need be it.

Here's a couple more, all from the Wii U version:





As one tell, she's mostly sporting moves that everyone knows by now, though her about to throw the blue Pikmin like a football, if that’s what is indeed happening in the last shot, looks new.

You can see a few additional shots, plus a pair from the 3DS edition here.

No word yet on when the games are due, though one gets the sense that Nintendo is taking its sweet time, so expect a slow and steady tricky of character reveals for the foreseeable future.