It You're Going To See The Little Mermaid Tomorrow Night, Bring Your iPad


Disney's The Little Mermaid will making a special, limited engagement return to theaters across the country tomorrow night. No doubt this is aimed at folks who saw the movie on the big screen as a child, back in 1989, and who have since had children of their own.

Kids today often have their faces buried in an iPad, and movies are a great way to have them look up for a tiny bit at least. Though Disney is actively encouraging families to bring said iOS devices to the theater.

Why? Because of the The Little Mermaid: Second Screen Live.

Basically, while the movie is playing, kinds (and parents) are supposed to fire up an app that allows them to "interact with the film.":

It's worth noting that the "movie going has never been so much fun!" line is delivered in the same fashion that the narrator normally does for commercial parodies; perhaps he can't believe the hyperbole that he's saying either.

Many are worried about Disney ruining the Star Wars universe, but the bigger concern is them destroying the movie going experience, which has been going steadily downhill for some time already.