Sega Wants You to Shake Your Booty with 'Go Dance'


Today, Sega released the first full-body motion controlled dance game for iOS. Appropriately titled "Go Dance," this $1.99 app has everything you need to get the party started anywhere.

Last week we attended a dance party to celebrate "Go Dance"'s arrival and witnessed what might be the next big thing for the mobile market. "Go Dance" boasts a vast array of pop and hip-hop music that will have everyone tickling their toes to the beat. Though somewhat secretive about the magic behind the game, Sega's "Go Dance" morphs your living room/bedroom/back-alley in a virtual dance floor using only your iPad or iPhone. Basically, the game follows similar console titles, such as "Just Dance," with players mimicking dance moves while camera tracks your body.

We briefly spoke with producer Bryant Green about what makes "Go Dance" the right game (while showing off his best dance move for us) for mobile devices. Also, Glee's Harry Shum, Jr. was there to heat up the dance floor and also gush a bit over the new rhythm game!

Check and the short interview below.

Watch: What Is Sega's Go Dance?

Afterward we mused about a world in which major and minor conflicts would be settled with a dance off. "Go Dance" would be the perfect way to end disputes anywhere, anytime. I'll let Moe take it from here:

"Go Dance" is available right now for iOS.