'Fez' and 'Mark of the Ninja' Are On The Mac And Linux At Last, Thanks To The 9th Humble Indie Bundle


The ninth full-on Humble Indie Bundle just went on sale (there have been numerous offerings since the last one, and many of them have included indie games, but it's been a little while since the last curated collection that put Humble Bundle on the map).

And anyone familiar should know the deal by now: it's a chance to nab some of the finest PC games for a price that you get to choose. Up for grabs this time is "Trine 2: Complete Story," "Mark of the Ninja," "Brutal Legend," and the "Eets Munchies" Beta.

Though paying more than the average will net bonuses, which in this case are "FTL: Faster Than Light" and "Fez."

Another great thing about these collections is how it's often everyone's first chance to enjoy said PC classics on the Mac and Linux. With the Humble Indie Bundle 9 being no exception; both Fez and Mark of the Ninja can finally be played on something other than a PC or Xbox 360:

And as always, everything is DRM free, plus you get to choose how much money goes to the developers and charity. You have a little less than two weeks left to get in on that action, which can be done here.

Though sooner the better; no doubt new games will be added to the mix, and if you pay more than the average now (which as of this writing is just $4.58), you'll get whatever bonuses that comes. Or simply be a nice person and just put more money down before deadline, since those devs and charities certainly deserve it.