Nintendo Also Experimented With 'Twilight Princess HD' And 'Skyward Sword HD'


As most folks know by now, the upcoming HD remake of "The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker  HD" for the Wii U started out as an tech demo which was eventually given the green light to become a full fledged game.

But as it turns out, a couple of other Zelda were toyed around with as well. According to Polygon that three preexisting Zeldas were experimented with in total, with the other two being "Twilight Princess" and "Skyward Sword."

Basically, the whole point of the experiment according to Eiji Aonuma, chief steward of the franchise, was to figure out the graphical approach for the next installment of the series, which is being designed from the ground up for the Wii U. As such:

"… it part of that process we took some existing Zelda games and made them HD just to see what would happen. In doing so we realized that the Wind Waker graphic style, the art style, really represented well on the Wii U given the graphic capabilities of the new system. It really brought that world to life."

There is no word on how the HD iterations of "Twilight Princess" and "Skyward Sword" turned out, nor is there any word on whether we'll get to see for ourselves. While Aonuma didn't rule out the possibility, he also stated that he just doesn't have the "bandwidth" to take on such projects.