Cook And Becker Art Dealers Debut ‘The Last Of Us’ Collection

“Next-gen Art dealers” Cook & Becker have made a name for themselves as sellers of large size, high-quality video game art prints. They’ve showcased art from such properties as ’Mirror’s Edge’ and ’Killzone’, though they’ve gotten considerably more attention with their pieces for ’Mass Effect’ and ’Journey’, and more recently, ’Bioshock Infinite’. So it was of little surprise that Cook & Becker would pull of a deal with Naughty Dog to become the high-end art merchant for ’The Last of Us’.  This impressive 16-piece collection consists mostly of environmental concept art, but also a few familiar character pieces.

Like other Cook & Becker pieces, these are numbered, certified art giclees that include certificates of authenticity from the respective artists and the master printers. Not only do you get a couple framing and finish options, you also get to pick the edition number from the available edition numbers of the piece you’re interested in.

The images in this article show all 16 ’The Last Of Us’ pieces, though we encourage you to visit the Cook & Becker website to see the full artworks.

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