New ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Deets: Playable Qunari, Tactical Camera, Increased Difficulty

It pains me to admit, dear MTV Multiplayer! readers, that I have been lax in my duty to slavishly report on every crumb, every gleaned micro-detail of “Dragon Age: Inquisition,” the latest (and perhaps greatest? Only time will tell.) entry in BioWare’s high-fantasy role-playing series. Below is a list of my transgressions:

– During a panel and demonstration at PAX a few weeks ago, BioWare revealedZ that the Qunari would be a playable race in “Inquisition,” which is a nice step away from the arch-traditional human-dwarf-elf trifecta. This is cool news. For you “Dragon Age” neophytes, the Qunari are essentially Thedas’ Krogans: tough, leather-necked warriors with faces like giant horned lizards.

It’s unclear if all classes (warrior, rogue, and mage) will be available to Qunari players, though. Dwarves, for example, can’t be mages. Without getting too deep into the lore, a Qunari mage could be a really neat role-playing experience.

– Based on videos from PAX and a London event, “Inquisition” will feature some sort of dodge roll. Did you know there was a roll now? “Dragon Age” will get a dodge roll.

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