The New Vita And The Old Vita's Screens Compared


Many will agree that the newly designed Vita looks a certain degree sexier than the original model, which is not too shabby to begin with.

But that's not the only reason why many current owners have no immediately plans to trade in their handhelds. There's one major detail that many consider to be a deal breaker: the new model uses LCD and not OLED.

The change was obviously a cost cutting measure, and Sony assured everyone that the panel in the new PCH-2000 is quite nice. Though many PSP owners recall the third iteration of that hardware being quite inferior to the two that came before it.

The only way to see how they compare is a side-by-side comparison, and someone in Japan has done just that already. As Kotaku points out, Twitter user ヒロ took the liberty of comparing Ragnarok Odyssey running on his personal Vita and the same game running on the brand new model, via some in-store kiosk:


There is a difference, but not much of one. Generally speaking, OLED displays are able to produce richer blacks, though that's hard to tell in the comparison above. Though what one can tell is a slightly yellower tint on the LCD display, but not to an offensive degree.

Obviously, more comparisons need to be made, but it's at least comforting to know that the difference is not as night and day as some had feared.