Not Only Did Someone Beat 'Spelunky' In Under Seven Minutes, He Also Managed To Reach Hell As Well


One of the hottest things going right now is the recently released PS3 and Vita ports of Spelunky, which is like Tomb Raider, if it was transformed into a 2D rougelike platformer that was both excruciatingly difficult and ultra cute.

And of course some guy on the internet has managed to beat the game in exactly six minutes and fifty two seconds. Not only that, but he was able to access the hidden fifth level, simply known as Hell, and get the game's true ending.

Polygon points out that to access Hell, one must complete a series of fairly obscure feats first. Good luck figuring out what they are in the following:

Like all master class speed runs, Bananasaurus_Rex makes it all so easy. Well, it's not.