Every Locale In The Original 'Pokemon', Recreated In 'Minecraft'


Once again, someone who really, really loves Minecraft… and who also has a lot, and we meant a lot of time on his hands… has recreated a famous locale in-game.

We've already seen the starship Enterprise, even the entirely of the Shire, so what's next? Every single location in the original Pokemon.

Now, given that it originally existed within the comfy confines of an OG Game Boy cartridge, one might think that the Kanto region can't compare with the lands detailed in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Well, you'd be wrong:

As the video states right in the beginning, the project took MediocreJake 40 hours of planning, 91,896 photos, 50GB of hard drive space, 12 hours of building, and 120 hours to put it all together.

He also states on Reddit some of the technical challenges:

"Getting the scale right was pretty difficult to be honest. And getting the routes to line up. For example, Celadon and Fuchsia weren't lined up correctly, so Route 17 (Cycling Road) ended up way too long, so I had to re-align a few cities and routes, which was a pain."

MediocreJake also states that he's going to make it accessible to all in the very near future.